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Chapter 26 - Milnerton Today

Milnerton, Gateway to the West Coast, is where you would be if you were to photograph South Africa's most famous landmark, Table Moun­tain, with the Mother City nestling in its lap and the bustling harbour sprawling across the bay.

Known as one of the fastest growing towns in the Western Cape, development in Milnerton has escalated at a phenomenal pace over the past decade. From what was primarily a scene of pleasant residential tran­quillity in 1964 (with a total rateable valuation of some R13 million), Milnerton has grown into a vigorous and bustling new town, with a total Municipal valuation in excess of R200 million.

Because of its ideal location, Milnerton is served by excellent road, rail, sea and air communications. Fast transport by sea, rail, road and air maintain high-frequency movement of products and services over economical distances.

Essential services, including water, electricity, waterborne sewerage, a refuse removal service and a public transport service, are highly developed and available throughout the Municipal area.

The Town Council actively encourages a balanced development in that residential development in Milnerton proper, Table View and Bothasig caters for all tastes and pockets.

Commercial expansion is progressive to meet all community require­ments.

Industrial development is actively encouraged in Metro (light) and Montague Gardens (heavy) industrial areas where a number of important manufacturing and service industries are already established. The presence of a major Oil Refinery (where an R100 million expansion pro­gramme was recently completed) establishes Milnerton as a major distribution centre for petroleum products. .

The obvious advantage of being on the doorstep of a premier port is evidenced by the establishment of a number of important manufacturing and export industries in Milnerton.

Civic administration is progressive in outlook and continuously strives to improve and expand to meet the demands of progress and development.

Milnerton enjoys an enviable reputation as one of the most sought­ after residential areas in the Cape Peninsula. The Municipality comprises three major residential areas, namely that of Milnerton proper, Table View and Bothasig. The latter two residential areas each have a large number of fully-serviced sites available for immediate residential develop­ment.

The progressive and dynamic residential development over die past 25 years features among the main ingredients contributing towards a happy and stable community life.

Milnerton is a town of "view sites", from a residential point of view. This is due to the topography of the land which lends itself to magnificent scenic views of land, sea or lagoon and particularly South Africa's most famous landmark, Table Mountain.

There are at present approximately 4 000 houses and 54 blocks of flats in Milnerton, while a total of 3 000 fully serviced sites are available for im­mediate further residential development, ranging in price from R2 500 to R15 000. Ample land is available for future residential expansion and new townships are planned and serviced commensurate with the dictates of need and desirability.

Milnerton is well equipped with educational facilities at all levels. These include two co-educational high schools and eight co-educational primary schools. There is a Secondary Trade School while a Technical Training Institution for the training of Telecommunication Technicians has been established by the Department of Posts and Telecommunica­tions.

Milnerton is generously endowed by nature in all its breathtaking scenic beauty. It is undoubtedly one of the most sought after residential areas in the Cape Peninsula, enjoying a most equable all-the-year-round climate plus the reputation of a popular holiday resort with a five kilometre stretch of sparkling white beaches, a popular playground for both resident and visitor.

Its natural beauty complemented by the sea and the Milnerton Lagoon, against that awe inspiring backdrop of Table Mountain and the extensive sporting, social and entertainment facilities, are the main ingre­dients contributing towards a happy and stable community life.

Milnerton's reputation as the Mecca for the staging of national and in­ternational sporting events in the Cape Peninsula has spread far and wide.

All this has been made possible only because of the far-sighted vision of the Municipality, which has set out with deliberate intent to establish Milnerton as one of the major sporting centres in the Western Cape.

The Killarney Grand Prix Racing Circuit features on the national rac­ing map. Similarly, the Cape Turf Club annually stages prestigious and classic horse racing events that attract an international galaxy of punters and enthusiasts.

The Milnerton Golf Club features the only true Golf Links in South Africa, where leading and prominent international exponents of golf assemble annually to compete with dauntless courage against the vagaries of the elements, for stakes of international significance.

The Rietvlei Water sport area comprises one of very few lakes in the Peninsula capable of accommodating regattas, either power or sail, at national level, while the Milnerton Lagoon is a popular home for the canoe-racing enthusiast.

Theo Marais Park offers extensive playing facilities for Rugby, Cricket, Hockey at Provincial level, with Badminton, Softball and Squash for the indoor enthusiast. The Trim Park, established within the precincts of Theo Marais Park, is another popular amenity frequented by many keep-fit enthusiasts. This complex enjoys international status.

The Abe Sher Sport Stadium in Bothasig caters adequately for the needs of Soccer and Baseball enthusiasts, while the Milnerton Tennis Club features prominently on the amateur circuit for the Western Cape.

Over and above there are several Horse Riding Schools established in Milnerton, while the Milnerton Surf Life Saving Club plays an active role in patrolling and safeguarding the local beaches.

Because of its amenable residential status, agreeable climate, adequate educational and recreational facilities, Milnerton encourages family life with the obvious contribution towards happiness and stability in com­munity life.

The town is well served by an excellent Public Library which is renowned for its leadership in cultural activities.

Several splendid restaurant establishments contribute towards the agreeable social life that is prevalent in Milnerton.

The commercial centre is highly developed and progressive, with modern stores catering for all community requirements.

Civic administration is progressive in outlook and continuously strives to improve and keep abreast of the demands and needs of a growing population and rapidly developing industries.


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