Blaauwberg Online™ was formed by Marius Boraine, a Capetonian and Internet Entrepreneur.  

Blaauwberg Online™ was initially formed to serve as a comprehensive communication tool between all residents, businesses and organisations in the Blaauwberg municipal area. This website has now rapidly grown into a major and unique portal for the Cape Town/Western Cape area and is expanding at a rapid rate. Some portals also serve a national audience. This portal has thousands of Top 10 rankings at and has gown into a major tool for businesses wanting extensive quality online exposure.

Individual sub-portals of this main portal can also be found via the following web addresses:

Mission Statement

The mission of Blaauwberg Online™ is:

  • To serve as a powerful tool for effective communication within the Cape Town and South African community;
  • To provide innovative and effective marketing channels for all businesses and  organisations within the Cape Town and South African community;
  • To become a household brand name within the Cape Town and South African community;
  • To grow Blaauwberg Online™ into a successful entity by applying sound business principles, both internally and externally.

For any enquiries regarding advertising or any general queries relating to this website, please contact Marius Boraine at

Contact Details:

Marius +27 (0)82 897 9854 +27 (0)87 702 3714 (VOIP Landline)