• Tesla's Musk likely to unveil $2bn-$3bn India investment during visit
    Tesla chief Elon Musk is set to announce an investment in India of $2bn-$3bn (R38bn-R57bn), mainly for building a new factory, when he visits New Delhi next week to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi, two sources familiar with the discussions said.
  • WATCH | Vintage Alfa Romeo cars go on sale at auction in France
    Eight vintage Alfa Romeo cars will go on sale at an auction near Paris on Sunday.
  • Germany, China sign joint declaration on car data sharing
    Germany and China have signed a joint declaration to co-operate on autonomous and connected driving which Germany hopes will enable carmakers to transfer data from China to Germany, a contentious topic for foreign businesses in China.
  • How Woolworths apples can help save the world
    SPONSORED | By joining the call for regenerative agriculture, we can soften our impact on the planet and create a more sustainable future for all, says the retailer
  • Iraqi, US companies sign agreements to capture, burn gas for power
    Iraqi and US companies signed a series of agreements on Wednesday to capture natural gas traditionally flared from Iraq's oilfields and use it to produce domestic power while reducing dependence on neighbouring Iran for energy.
  • EU leaders back new Iran sanctions after attack on Israel
    EU leaders decided on Wednesday to step up sanctions against Iran after Tehran's missile and drone attack on Israel left world powers scrambling to prevent a wider conflict in the Middle East.
  • Sustainable from seed to shelf: Woolworths heralds a new era in regenerative farming
    SPONSORED | Retailer's new Farming for the Future campaign aims to inspire transformative action in agriculture to help mitigate climate change
  • Oceana’s first-half earnings to almost double
    Company says strong first-half performance is mainly attributable to Daybrook’s higher fishmeal and fish oil sales volumes at record dollar prices
  • Gold sparkles amid geopolitical tension
    Metal climbs as risks of widening Middle East conflict raises its safe-haven appeal
  • Oil steady amid easing Middle East tension
    Market remains concerned about demand in 2024 and on signs that a wider conflict in the Middle East could be avoided
  • KHAYA SITHOLE: Ineptitude keeps dubious contracts rooted in state agencies
    NSFAS, like Sassa before it, is a horror story of institutionalised incompetence
  • SHAWN HAGEDORN: SA’s plight should warn Africa not to do the same
    SA should develop paths to integrate into the global economy, as the UAE and Israel have done