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Message by

His Worship

Alderman Julius Gelb


To-day, the 1st July 1980, signifies what I regard as the first important milestone in the history of Milnerton as a Municipality. This auspicious event assumes all the more significance by the publication of the History of Milnerton written by the well-known Author and Historian, Eric Rosenthal.


I am indeed proud to be associated with this handsome and most impressive publication because, after an intimate involvement in the civic affairs of this Municipality, extending over a period of 20 years, I feel, perhaps with some justification, that I have earned a certain complicity in shaping the destiny of Milnerton as a Municipality - and I believe Council saw fit to acknowledge this complicity when it conferred on me the honorary title of Alderman of Milnerton. I certainly admit to a single-minded and at times parochial affinity with the eventful and colourful history of Milnerton, its vibrant vitality and dynamic potential for the future.


Permit me to record my admiration and congratulations to those responsible for the production of this outstanding publication which indeed redounds to the credit of Milnerton and all its people.


And may I conclude by reiterating my unqualified faith in the future of this Municipality. I make bold to predict that Milnerton stands on the threshold of spearheading unprecedented progress and expansion through this Gateway to the West Coast - and I believe that this Book which traces Milnerton's unpretentious beginnings and its momentous development over the years, will serve as the catalyst that will stir and activate those at the helm and indeed all our people to bigger and better things for the future.



1st July 1980


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